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How to migrate your broadband service or change your broadband provider

After a long consultation process, Ofcom have ruled that from the end of June 2015 the way you transfer your broadband connection between providers is changing.

Currently, providers in the UK have been using a 'losing provider led' switching process which means customers  must first contact their existing provider to obtain a MAC code to give to their new provider.

From June 2015, we will be switching to a ‘Gaining provider led” process currently known as 'notification of transfer'.  This means customers only need to speak to their new provider who will manage the switch.

Please note, the migration process will now also increase from a minimum of 5 days to 10 working days.


How do I migrate to a new provider?

·         In order to move broadband to a new provider you simply need to complete an order with your provider. Although MAC codes are no longer required, all resellers will now need to provide us with a RID code as this needs to be logged during the migration process (please see notes on how to obtain a RID code below).

·         Once the order has been placed, a notification will be sent to the losing provider informing them of the impending transfer.

·         The losing provider should then send a confirmation of the migration to the customer, along with any termination fees due.

·         If the customer is satisfied with this confirmation, they do not need to take any further action as the order will proceed automatically.

·         If the customer wishes to cancel the migration order, they will need to inform the new provider up to 5 days before the migration is due to go live, or contact the losing provider and ask them to cancel the migration.

My existing service provider has issued a MAC starting in BBDS but my new provider cannot migrate this service, why?

BBDS MAC’s are for Data Stream broadband. The majority of UK ISP’s use IP Stream to provide broadband in the UK and you cannot migrate between Data Stream and IP stream. If you have a Data Stream broadband service the only thing you can do is either cease your existing service and reprovide with your new ISP (be warned this will lead to at least 10 days downtime) or install a new telephone line to provision broadband on and cease your old connection once the new service has been completed.

How much downtime can I expect when my broadband service migrates?

Typically users should not experience sizeable downtime when migrating. On the day of migration your existing service will drop at some point during the day. At this time you will need to reboot your existing router or plug in your new router with your new connection details provided by your new ISP and away you go.

Important Information for Broadband Resellers

For all broadband Resellers  you will now need to obtain a RID (Reseller ID) code from Ofcom in order to migrate broadband on behalf of your customer.

In order to obtain a RID code you will need to follow the process listed below.

·         Send an email requesting an S18 form to numbering.applications@ofcom.org.uk. The subject line must be titled “RID REQUEST” to ensure your email is dealt with correctly.

·         All resellers must keep the details of any new broadband migration requests they receive and hold them for a minimum of 12 months. This is to support any disputes that could arise following the introduction of the new process.